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Configuration constants

The following PHP constants can be defined in your wp-config.php file in order to control the behaviour of Query Monitor:


If an individual database query takes longer than this time to execute, it's considered "slow" and triggers a warning.

Default 0.05


Disable Query Monitor entirely.

Default false


Disable the handling of PHP errors.

Default false


Enable the Capability Checks panel.

Default false


Hide WordPress core on the Hooks & Actions panel.

Default false


Hide Query Monitor itself from various panels. Set to false if you want to see how Query Monitor hooks into WordPress.

Default true


Don't specify jQuery as a dependency of Query Monitor. If jQuery isn't enqueued then Query Monitor will still operate, but with some reduced functionality.

Default false


In the Hooks & Actions panel, show every hook that has an action or filter attached (instead of every action hook that fired during the request).

Default false

Allow the wp-content/db.php file symlink to be put into place during activation. Set to false to prevent the symlink creation.

Default true